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The Fountains of Saint Mark

The Fountains of St. Mark is a love story, a legacy to be cherished and held fast. Ron Coley's images illustrate the fragility and strength of this spiritual place. The essays speak to the new world that is waiting for each of us under the rocks in our own backyards.

The Fountains of St. Mark, Texas hill country artesian springs, are the source of the San Marcos River. These springs create a 16-acre lake, inhabited by humans for more than 12,000 years, making it one of the oldest continually inhabited sites in North America.

Eight essays narrate the book, and more than 100 underwater photographs - most using stunning natural light - take the reader on an aquatic adventure in living color. Eight Janet Skaggs Hardin paintings, inspired by Coley's photography, provide the foundation for this love story.

A Camelot essence flows through Coley's book, as he dares to believe that these springs will last far longer than for one brief shining moment.

– Diana Finlay Hendricks

Photo of Ron Coley. Photo credit: Stephen Coley

Photo by Stephen Coley


About The Author

Ron Coley celebrates our relationship with water through his life’s work. As an award-winning filmmaker and photographer, an innovator of SCUBA equipment, and an educational leader, he explores a world that few have been privileged to see first-hand. Combining a mastery of the ancient art of storytelling with photography, Coley brings the mystical fresh water underworld to the surface to share with an international audience. Read more

Photo of Janet Skaggs Hardin, painter

About The Artist

Working from photographs by Ron Coley artist Janet Skaggs Hardin captures the magic found in the light when it is reflected in a free flowing artesian spring.

A West Texas girl, Janet studied art at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. Her love for the river that flowed near her grandmother's home was part of why she chose to study at SWTSU. Read more


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