About the Author

Photo of Ron Coley. Photo credit: Stephen Coley

Photo by Stephen Coley

Ron Coley celebrates our relationship with water through his life’s work. As an award-winning filmmaker and photographer, an innovator of SCUBA equipment, and an educational leader, he explores a world that few have been privileged to see first-hand. Combining a mastery of the ancient art of storytelling with photography, Coley brings the mystical fresh water underworld to the surface to share with an international audience.

Throughout his life, Coley has found himself in the right place at the right time, from his formal education at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography through 40 years as a highly acclaimed producer, director, writer, cinematographer and underwater photographer.

Coley has traveled the world, making more than 100 film and television productions about oceans, rivers, and the earth’s water system. His award-winning “River of Innocence” documentary about the San Marcos River set a new standard for independent productions on the PBS network.

In June of 1994, Coley found himself in the unique role of overseeing the transition of the Aquarena Springs Amusement Park to the Aquarena Center for Environmental Education at Texas State University. During his 20-year tenure, Coley created a shining example for water ecology and created educational opportunities for the university, the region, and state.

Today, Coley lives in Central Texas and the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

– Diana Finlay Hendricks